Japanese Aesthetics

Japanese aesthetics is very different from others because beauty for them doesn’t last. Like for example cherry blossoms. It is a very pretty tree but it doesn’t last long as the season changes it changes too. They call it perishability they perish the beauty because it doesn’t last. Another one of their beauties is simplicity. They call it simple because the beauty of one is simple they don’t need to have make-up to be beautiful. So practically for them beauty is not perfect it always has a flaw and it doesn’t last long. Like their saying ” transient of things”.


For me this quote is quite similar to the poem Subway because it is also related to death. Like it says in the quote when feeling you will die if you are not fed it is related to the poem because it discusses that working everyday kills him not physically due to stress and exhaustion. So If the person might die if he is not fed or given the right sleep. After that it says that let that part of you die, get out of your own way it is connected to the poem by telling you that just let it go and and get out of it and find your passion.


Culture and Food

Food is very important in a culture of a country. Why? Besides the taste, it is important how you present it even if it is the least important thing and the story behind it. You can relate the food to the culture of the country by it’s ingredients and the story of it because the ingredients tells it all. It tells you where it came from. That’s why we may relate this to culture because it shows a lot about their past just by looking at their food. Like the restaurant we went to (which is a Korean restaurant). First thing they gave us was appetizers. When i mean appetizers i mean like a lot. Korean’s tend to have lots of appetizers before the main course. The drinks that they gave us was wine. They say that wine helps to digest easily that is why Korean’s are fit. The server served us with like the two hands in front even if they only needed one hand they would just put it on their stomach. The server said it  was because when servants served they royal family they made sure to put both of their hand insight to clarify that they had no intentions on killing the king because they didn’t have weapons on them. So you can relate the food to culture because in every single detail a meal,food, etc. they have a story behind it which somehow connected to their culture.

The restaurant we ate at was The Legendary Korean Restaurant. It was different from the other restaurants I’ve been to. IN this restaurant you are the one who is going to cook.The different thing about it is they use a steamer and charcoal for you to com. So there is a steamer from the ceiling and the charcoal is underneath. So that is the different thing about this restaurant.

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Last monday was the SONA (State of the Nation address) of President Noynoy Aquino. The SONA was practically consisted of good and and bad. For the current state of the Philippines it said that there were a lot of improvements and a lot has happened but it also said that there were still a lot to work on like the places that got affected by Yolanda they said that there were still a lot of recovering to do, but the good side is that they are recovering . He said that Philippines is a lot better.
There are new flight connections that has been fixed.
The state of the Philippines is agreeable that it is doing a lot better bit still needs help. He said that there is already straight connection flight Philippines to London.
What interested me the most in president Nonoy’s speech is the LGU rehabilitation and recovery plan. The LGU rehabilitation and recovery plan is for all the places that got affected by the storm Yolanda and other placed that got affected by a different storm. Places like Cebu, Tacloban, Samar, Iloilo, Leyte and more. He said that there are a lot of changes i the state. It is not really compelling enough to me he didn’t show pictures and didn’t prove that it is what happening to the current state of the Philippines. I think that he discussed the little things like the storm, the government and more a lot to much when he was suppose to discuss about the FIO it process where the people can see where the money is being taken and how much is it. He also didn’t discuss about the Pork Barrel I understand that if he discusses it there would be people that would look bad. But don’t we deserve an explanation on what was the heating moment about and was it resolved?. He also didn’t discuss about the rotating electricity. What will really happen next year? Will we get a full supply of electricity or only chosen places get to have electricity for the whole day while others get to experience the rotating? By next year will this rotating electricity will be resolved? So that is my intake of his SONA he dint get to discuss some important stuff that we really needed to know. He also was satisfied with what he did but just to remind him he still has 2 years and i hope that he still keeps up his accomplishments.
Me and my mom share the same insights but there are some insights that my mom has that I was not able to observe. Here some of her insights. “This time I did not hear much criticism to his enemies. He called his critics the enemies of his bosses ( us, the people ) because according to him his critics do not like progress and continuously rejecting changes.It is fine with him to attack his enemies but his enemies cannot attack him.” This is my mom’s insight.

Footnote to the Youth

The “Footnote to the Youth” is a short story about a guy who wanted to marry early. He had a son and realized he wasn’t ready and there were also times where he really just regretted marrying early. After having six kids, his oldest son told him he wanted to get married. He was hurt and pitied his son because he knew what will happen. Just a quick review, a footnote is a note that is at the bottom that explains what is more to that word or term. The youth is a generation where we are usually free and careless. So in the story was pertaining to the youth that they are careless. They don’t think about what they are doing and they just do it because they are young and wild. They think that they can do whatever they want. Like what is said in the story, the guy name Dodong wanted to marry at the age of 17 because he thought that since he is 17, it means that he is an adult and that he can do whatever he wants. But in the end, he regretted that he married at an early age because he noticed that he was not ready. So that is what is being pertained that the youth these days are very careless and they don’t really make wise decisions.

The Dream

             There was a girl named Chelsea. She is like a flower beautiful inside and out. She also has a heart of a tiger. One day, she went outside her house and saw a sparkling horse and followed it in the forest. She followed it until they reached a big dark cave but it was no ordinary cave for it had a magical waterfall in it. The next thing she saw was a very beautiful forest filled with animals. It was so beautiful that it blinded her eyes. “Tweet, tweet, ooo,ooo, kaka doodle doo!” said the animals around her. The birds sang, trees bowed and danced. She was so happy yet she was frowning and sulking. “Without this place, life is pointless” she said. Then she saw a prince with a beautiful bouquet that blossomed in the bright sun. The prince was so mesmerized by her beauty that she wanted to marry her. Chelsea knew he was going to propose, so she got so excited then suddenly she heard, “Chelsea wake up! Wake up! You’re gonna be late!” She woke up. “Wow, thanks for waking me up. It was such a good nightmare,” Chelsea said. Her mom just rolled her eyes and went out of her room. “It felt so real,” Chelsea thought.


A way to kill school children

        The poem is about giving false hope to people. The lines of the poem has deeper meaning behind its words. Like the line “black streaked monkeys tote guns in tree perches” mean the soldiers that has guns behind the trees. “A dreaded king eats slime to live” could mean that at times life is just that hard. “Give them melted caramels” means that whatever someone offers you, you’ll be happy about it and that you don’t notice that it’s not real. The children are “wide eyed” not because they see something nice but because they are hungry.

This poem can be said to be talking about the present state of the Filipinos. When the president and the government give speeches for the country they say that they would do projects. They most likely never do the projects. Giving speeches on what have they done in the past years or months that was not really done. Projects that were only said and not done. So like the poem it is like telling them stuff that will not happen in reality and that are just imaginations. So that is like what the president and the government do they tell us stuff that they would not be able to do and that they are just putting our hopes high in something that would never happen in reality.


      I agree with the author’s statement that telling children fairy tales is a way to kill children. Because fairy tales are tales that are not the truth about reality. It is just a myth, and an imagination and telling children fairy tales won’t open the eyes of the children of what is happening in reality. It make them believe that is easy and sweet. That there is always happily ever after that everything they want to happen is going to happen. But in reality there would always be ups and downs bitter and sweet it will not always be what you would expect. 

         The poem is entitled the way it is because you are really killing them not by harassment but by thinking and what really is happening. They are listening but they aren’t thinking. The mind is not processing. And the more you feed them sweets the more they want and blinding them from reality.